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Robbery is the taking or stealing of another person's property by the threat of violence or actual violence. Robbery requires an actual victim to be present and in fear of bodily harm. A serious charge, it is important to obtain the tough representation of our skilled and knowledgeable Richmond criminal defense lawyers at Carlson & Collier quickly if you or someone close to you has been accused of this crime.

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What is the difference between robbery and burglary?

Someone breaking into a home, and taking something, would be burglary. If the homeowner was present and the defendant threatened to harm them if they didn't hand over their money that would be robbery. If the defendant had a gun and aimed it at the victim demanding money that would be armed robbery. Robbery is theft accompanied by violence or at least the threat of violence.

Penalties for a Robbery Conviction in Virginia

Robbery is a felony. If convicted of robbery in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the defendant will be punished with a minimum of 5 years' imprisonment. Depending on the severity of the crime, the defendant could face life imprisonment.

Robbery may also be charged as a federal crime if the accused robbed or attempted to rob one of the following:

  • Credit union
  • Savings and loan institution
  • Bank

Depending on the amount taken, use of weapons, or harm to others, the punishment can range from anywhere under one year to possible death. These laws are detailed in the Code of Virginia Sections 18.2-58 and 18.2-10 – 308 and in the federal United States Code under 18 USC § 2113. Speak with a violent crimes lawyer from our team at Carlson & Collier in a free phone consultation.

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