Your Right to Retain an Attorney

Posted By Carlson & Collier || 15-Jan-2016

Our laws tell us that each and every person has the right to retain an attorney to provide defense for their case. The law further states that every person has the right to remain silent. Why is it, then, that so many people when they are arrested feel the need to speak when they are arrested? This can only set up prosecutors to bulldoze defendants, wearing them down until they admit to some wrongdoing.

Attorney Presence at Police Interviews

One of the questions that often arises is whether or not the police can interview a witness or a suspect without legal representation. As of now, the laws do not prevent this from happening. So, if a suspect or another individual were to provide information during these interviews, which may be used later on as evidence in a trial.

If you have been arrested, you should know these fundamental rights:

  • You have the right to remain silent to avoid self-incrimination
  • Your words can be used against you later on
  • You are allowed to retain an attorney if you request one
  • Once you have requested an attorney, you cannot be asked any further questions
  • If you choose to interview without a lawyer, you can still ask for one; at that point, all questioning must stop
  • You cannot be treated as though you are guilty unless there is a conviction of guilt

However, we have seen this happen time and time again. Police interviewers and prosecutors are relentless and can manipulate or twist the interviewee into falsely confessing to something he or she did not do. Sadly, this customary practice is also legal.

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This, unfortunately, happens all too often. However, you should know that it is your constitutional right to refuse to take part in a police interview without a lawyer present. Some of us may take the interview as the opportunity to clear your name and find absolution from any false accusations.

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