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  • What Do I Do If I Was Arrested on Halloween?

    || 21-Oct-2016

    It’s an all-too-common story: you go out on Halloween expecting Treats and end up with Tricks. With crime rates spiking as they do on Halloween, police officers are on high alert on October 31 st. So what should you do if a criminal charge ruins your festivities? Our Richmond criminal defense lawyers share what steps you need to take if you have been arrested on Halloween. Arrested on ...
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  • 5 Ways to Avoid Trouble with the Law this Halloween

    || 7-Oct-2016

    Police records have indicated that on October 31, crime rates tend to spike, more so than any other holiday. No matter if you are after Tricks or Treats, no one wants to have their Hollow’s Eve ruined by an arrest and criminal charges. Our Richmond criminal defense attorneys share some ways that you can avoid getting into trouble this Halloween. 5 Mistakes that Can Get You into Trouble on ...
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  • What Is Attorney-Client Privilege?

    || 28-Sep-2016

    Sometimes people are wary of hiring a criminal defense attorney for their case because they are anxious about how much to discuss with their attorney. For some, there is an inherent fear that the attorney will “rat them out” to the prosecution or the judge. However, understand that there are several legal protections that have been established to prevent this. This is the relationship ...
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  • Difference Between State & Federal Offenses

    || 19-Apr-2016

    In the United States we have federal laws and state laws, and thus, “federal offenses” and “state offenses.” Our federal laws are created by the United States Congress, whereas state laws are created by state legislatures. Some offenses are solely criminalized under federal law; this means that they are federal crimes. On the other hand, some offenses are criminalized under ...
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  • Stay Connected with Carlson & Collier

    || 8-Apr-2016

    At Carlson & Collier, our Richmond criminal defense attorneys are passionate about defending the rights of men and women you have been wrongly or unfairly accused. Being arrested is stressful enough, but worrying about protecting your reputation and your future can be overwhelming. Our firm is dedicated to pursing our clients’ best interests through customized legal strategies. With over ...
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  • Penalties for Marijuana Possession in Virginia

    || 6-Apr-2016

    If you smoke marijuana, you may be one of the millions of Americans who feel that pot should be legalized. After all, it’s a natural substance that is now being used for many medical purposes. As the date of this writing, a total of 20 states have decriminalized small time marijuana possession offenses. By “decriminalization,” it means that if someone is caught with a small ...
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  • Why You Should Never Jump Bail

    || 25-Mar-2016

    You might already be aware that jumping bail is not wise. Granted, it is not a common occurrence, but doing so can land you in hot water almost tenfold, particularly if you are facing criminal charges. Jumping bail because someone wants to avoid being criminally prosecuted will almost always lead to some very serious consequences. This is an unwise decision—something we would never recommend ...
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  • Should I Hire a Criminal Lawyer for an Expungement?

    || 23-Mar-2016

    You have decided that you want to get an expungement, but you are not sure if you should hire a general practice attorney, or a criminal defense attorney. What you do know is that this is important, and you want it done right. You don’t know if hiring an attorney that charges less, but does not specialize in criminal defense would yield the same quality results as hiring a seasoned criminal ...
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  • You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty

    || 18-Mar-2016

    Our laws protect anyone from being considered automatically criminally responsible. “Innocence until proven guilty” is one of the tenets of our justice system. Essentially, it places the burden on prosecutors, who have pressed the charges, to break down, analyze, and decipher the evidence. If prosecutors can prove that the person has committed a crime without a shred of doubt, then a ...
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  • Will an Arrest Stop Me From Owning a Firearm?

    || 16-Mar-2016

    As Americans, we take our right to bear arms under the Second Amendment very seriously. Most gun enthusiasts embrace their right to use firearms to protect themselves and their families from intruders and dangerous individuals. Some people enjoy target shooting with handguns and rifles for fun, while others take their rifles to the woods to hunt deer and other animals. Often, guns are needed for ...
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  • The Fifth Amendment: The Right to Not Self-Incriminate

    || 11-Mar-2016

    A tactic that law enforcement often uses against a suspect is to force a false confession. The police might detain you or ask you to report to the police station for questioning. This is when you become vulnerable, a party to their overall scheme, and a pawn in their game of extracting as much information as possible to secure a conviction. More than likely, you already know that you have the ...
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  • When Is Browsing the Internet Illegal?

    || 4-Mar-2016

    Have you ever had the fear that your browsing history might send you to jail or worse? It is a commonly shared concern among many, especially now when the Internet has become such an integral part of our daily lives. Some Internet searches can certainly land you in trouble, however, as these keywords can be a trigger for law enforcement to investigate further and possibly step in. Simply put, ...
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  • Criminal Elements of Identity Theft

    || 29-Feb-2016

    The rates of identity theft are increasing. Technology has become more advanced, and thus, it is becoming much easier now for anyone to commit identity theft or fraud, intentionally or not. The fact of the matter is that this is a crime and it and involves wrongfully using or obtaining another person’s financial information for purchases and other gains. Identity theft can happen quite ...
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  • Asset Forfeiture in Virginia

    || 24-Feb-2016

    Your husband was arrested for drug dealing and the police seized your SUV, the one you use to drive your three children to school, and emptied your bank account. Now, you’re worried that they’ll take your house. What are you going to do? Is this legal? In November 1990, Virginia’s citizens voted on new laws that allowed law enforcement to benefit by seizing cash, property and ...
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  • Penalties for a First DUI in Virginia

    || 18-Feb-2016

    Whenever you are operating a vehicle, a boat, or a watercraft in Virginia, the law considers you to be driving or operating under the influence (DUI) if you have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of.08% or above. However, you can be convicted of DUI with a lower BAC if the prosecution can prove that your ability to operate one of these machines was impaired due to alcohol or drugs. When we say ...
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