Why Should I Hire a Private Attorney Over a Public Defender?

Posted By David L. Carlson, Attorney At Law || 15-Oct-2015

Having the right to a court-appointed attorney may provide you with a financially-friendly option for your case; however, the benefits of hiring a private attorney substantially outweigh those of a public defender.

Amount of Time Available to You

Public defenders are assigned to an enormous case load, meaning they have a limited amount of time to become fully acquainted with their clients. They have only a few minutes to consult with you and review your case before a plea is entered. Without any thorough investigation, overlooking minor, but crucial, information may determine whether you win or lose.

Private attorneys have their reputation to consider, so quality supersedes quantity. Less cases equals more time dedicated to each individual claim. An important aspect of criminal defense is pinpointing holes in the prosecution’s argument, so comprehensive analysis and further investigation on your case is valuable if there is a possibility of getting your charges reduced or even dropped.

The Power of Choice

You do not get to choose your public defender, since the court is responsible for appointing one for you. Whether or not they possess the experience relating to your case, it will be difficult to change to one which fits your specific needs. Not getting along with your attorney is not considered as a good reason to replace him/her.

Choosing a private attorney through an interview process affords you the flexibility to find one you think will do the best job. You may consult with them at their office or over the phone prior to making a decision. If you are not satisfied with the quality of representation they present then you have the option of looking for another attorney.

Years of Experience

Public defenders are generally young and inexperienced, mostly using this time in their careers “to get their foot in the door.” They do not possess the complete understanding of the court rules, which can be huge advantage for the prosecution in terms of bargaining a plea deal.

Having a private attorney with years of legal experience is highly favorable, especially if they’re an expert on cases related to yours. Most private attorneys possess additional resources, such as associate lawyers, paralegals, private investigators, private chemical testing laboratories, and expert witness at their disposal.

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