Early Termination of Probation in Virginia

Posted By David L. Carlson, Attorney At Law || 20-Oct-2015

If you were convicted of a crime in Richmond, perhaps you heard that you may get an early release from probation if you complied with your conditions and paid on time. What if you paid everything and had zero violations – not even a parking ticket, do you still have to complete your entire probation?

After all, you did everything the judge asked you to 100%. You have held down a steady job, you haven’t moved, and you haven’t gotten into any trouble. All you want to do now is MOVE ON. So, is there any way that you can you get off early?

It’s the Judge’s Prerogative

Early termination of probation in Virginia is possible, however, it is entirely the judge’s prerogative. That said, you’re going to want an attorney to help you file the motion.

Whether to terminate your probation is entirely up to the discretion of the judge who hears the matter. While paying all your fines and staying out of trouble is a good starting point, you need a good lawyer to present the facts in a way that the judge will find them agreeable and persuasive.

Drafting and Filing the Motion

You will need help with both drafting and filing the motion and to ensure that everything is handled in accordance with the court’s requirements. We don’t recommend representing yourself since most pro se litigants are in way over their heads and have watched too many episodes of Law and Order.

All attorneys have seen too many self-represented litigants make arguments in court that they mistakenly believed were mitigating, when in reality the judge considers them aggravating.

It’s wise to speak to your probation officer and see if they agree with your position. If they are on your side, then do it right and hire a Richmond criminal lawyer. To get started, contact Carlson & Collier for assistance!

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