Do I Have Any Alternatives to Jail?

Posted By David L. Carlson, Attorney At Law || 1-Oct-2015

If you’re like most people, you have no desire to go to jail. Once you’re locked behind bars, your life on the outside can fall apart. How would a jail sentence affect your job, your family, and your relationships?

Jail is known for being a dangerous place; after all it houses violent criminals and gang members, which is especially the case with state prisons. While state prisons have more dangerous inmates and less security than federal prisons, the federal prisons tend to house nonviolent, white collar criminals.

If you were recently arrested in Richmond, you are probably weighing all of your options, with one of those options being an alternative to jail sentencing – is it possible?

Alternative Sentencing in Virginia

Virginia does have alternatives to jail, these options include work release, home incarceration, and non-consecutive sentences. The programs are slightly different, however, all three were designed to give the defendant the opportunity to continue working while serving their jail sentence.

In order to qualify for one of the above programs, it must be authorized by the sentencing judge. It is within the judge or the sheriff’s discretion to impose further restrictions upon the participant in each of the programs.

When alternative sentencing is authorized by the judge, the participant is required to sign a contract, which outlines the rules and regulations of the program. If he or she violates any of the terms of the contract, they will be charged and if found guilty, they’ll be removed from the program and the sentencing judge will be notified.

All participants are screened randomly for drugs. If the participant is on house arrest, they are monitored by an electric field monitoring unit. They cannot leave their home without getting the permission of the alternative sentencing staff.

However, if they are approved for work release, a schedule will be set for the participant to leave and re-enter their home each day.

Do you qualify for alternative sentencing? To find out, contact us to schedule a consultation with a Richmond criminal defense attorney!

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