How Can I Defend My Criminal Case?

Posted By David L. Carlson, Attorney At Law || 11-May-2015

When going into a criminal case, it is important to understand that there are many procedural pot holes and dangers that you could easily fall into if trying the “go it alone” strategy. Just as you need a plumber to fix your leaks, you need a lawyer to protect your future. While there are certainly some plumbing issues you may be able to take care of without a plumber, when a major leak happens, you don’t get the duct tape out. Instead, you call on the professionals to resolve the problem for you before it costs you big time in damages.

This is the same mindset individuals need to have when deciding whether to attempt to defend their own case. Sure, you may be able to get by without a lawyer for estate planning matters, working out business documents, or other issues, but criminal charges are major leaks that can only be stopped up by true criminal defense attorneys. So what should be your first step in defending your name? Calling a lawyer, plain and simple. After that? It is important that you work with your attorney to devise a strong and effective defense strategy that shields your interests and protects your future.

Implementing Common Defense Techniques

When it comes down to it, every clients’ case will be unique, even when client A and client B are both accused of shoplifting. Their criminal background, amount of property stolen, intentions going into the crime, and various other factors will all impact how the prosecution approaches the case—and in effect, how the defense must approach their client's specific case.

While variable, the following are key defense pieces that can help strengthen any case:

  • Police involvement in your charges/arrest: Were your rights violated in any way? Did the officer fail to follow proper procedures? If so, you could have crucial evidence thrown out.
  • Challenging any evidence or argument against you: Whether it involves getting evidence suppressed, thrown out, or proved inadmissible, this can be extremely helpful in protecting your case.
  • General witness and expert witness testimony: From individuals on the actual crime scene to experts in their field, getting strong witnesses who support your side of the story is crucial.
  • Your intentions and motivations: These are more important in crimes involving violence. For example, if your intention was self-defense, you could have the charges dropped.
  • Having a solid alibi: Often criminal charges can be filed due to misunderstanding, confusion, or intentional vengeance. However, a strong alibi with verifiable facts can be the best defense.

Just having all the pieces is not enough to get you out of your charges. More than that, you need a skilled and emphatic criminal lawyer in Richmond who can assess your case and start crafting a strategic defense.

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