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David Carlson was born and raised in Lancaster County in Virginia’s Northern Peninsula. He graduated from The University of Notre Dame in 1976. In 1980 David received his Juris Doctor Law degree from the University of Richmond and was admitted to the Virginia State Bar.

After graduation David had the Honor of serving as the Executive Assistant and Counsel to Virginia Governor John N. Dalton. At the time he was only 25, making him the youngest ever to hold that position.

In 1982 Mr. Carlson entered private practice and has devoted his time to diligently representing clients throughout the entire Commonwealth of Virginia. He is admitted to practice in all State and Federal courts in Virginia including the Eastern and Western Districts for The United States District Court, The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, as well as the United States Supreme Court.

David is an experienced aggressive trial attorney who specializes in Criminal Defense. For 34 years he has honed his courtroom skills and is always completely prepared to defend his clients’ rights. His work ethic and meticulous attention to detail and research have made him a highly sought after attorney throughout The Commonwealth of Virginia.

Why David Carlson Chose A Career In Criminal Law

When I first went into private practice I was very lucky and privileged to land a spot with D. J. (Nick) Esposito, who at the time was probably the premiere trial attorney in all of central Virginia. I had the opportunity, under Nick’s watchful eye, to be exposed to domestic, personal injury and criminal defense cases early in my career. It was obvious to both of us that I excelled as a criminal defense attorney and having Nick Esposito as a mentor made me a more effective advocate and solidified my decision to specialize in that area of the law.

Why David Carlson's Firm Is Set Apart From Other Criminal Defense Firms in Virginia

I believe there are several characteristics that set Carlson & Collier apart from many other firms, not just here in Central Virginia, but across the state.

We are not a 9 to 5 law firm – we are available to our clients in the evenings as well as on the weekend. A client is able to reach one of our attorneys whenever there is an emergency.

We pride ourselves on preparation, preparation, preparation. Regardless of what type of case we are handling for our client, we will know all of the facts and law relevant to the defense of that particular client. We also make sure our clients are exceptionally educated as to all facets of their case.

At Carlson & Collier, we legitimately care about our clients and their families. We do our very best to minimize the impact of a criminal prosecution on both the individual and their loved ones.

About A Case That David Carlson Is Particularly Proud Of

I recently had a lady I represented who was charged with assault on a police officer. In Virginia this is a felony that carries a mandatory minimum 6 month jail sentence – which means the court can NOT suspend any part of that 6 months. Further complicating her situation was the fact that she was an employee of a local school system and pursuant to Virginia law she was required to be suspended because she was charged with a felony.

I sent an associate out to scour the neighborhood where the alleged assault on the officer occurred and, after a week of knocking on doors, we were able to locate 3 independent witnesses who verified our client’s version of the facts. As it turned out, the police officer was the aggressor and in fact assaulted our client.

The charge was dismissed and our client was reinstated by the school system with all back pay for the time she was suspended. The police officer was dealt with by internal affairs.

I think going the extra mile made a huge difference in this case. Without the independent witnesses, it would have been our client’s word against the officer’s and I think everyone would agree that most judges are going to come down on the side with the officer. Believing our client was telling us the truth and being willing to invest the extra time to locate those witnesses obviously was the difference in an acquittal versus a conviction.

The Steps That David Carlson Takes To Prepare for Every Case

We take the same steps to prepare for all of our cases regardless of the level of difficulty. We thoroughly investigate all relevant facts pertaining to the case at hand, fully research any new cases that may be on point for our defense and have our client and any witnesses fully prepared for the case in the courtroom.

How David Carlson Views His Relationship With His Clients

My role in the attorney-client relationship is to be the full and complete confidant of each and every client that walks in the front door of our office. I go out of my way to make the client as comfortable as possible in discussing their case with them.

Why David Is Different Than Other Defense Lawyers

I believe we have been very successful in making our clients fully confident that we are going to be completely invested in their defense from the very beginning through the conclusion of their case. Communicating with clients frequently throughout our representation is very helpful in successfully establishing the bond that is necessary for a successful result.

The Benefits Of Having David Carlson 's Experience

Experience means so, so much. I look back at my skill level when I first started compared to where I am today and it is literally night and day. Being able to look at set of facts associated with a case and in a short time being able to assess what defenses are viable is one of the most important assets of experience. Having over 34 years of courtroom experience has allowed me to hone my trial skills to a higher level.

The Most Rewarding Aspect of David Carlson's Job

Being able to make a difference in a client’s life with a favorable result is by far the most rewarding aspect of this job.

The Advice David Carlson Will Give To Every Client

Be honest – always be honest with us – otherwise you are tying one hand behind us right from the beginning. If we don’t know the full truth, we can’t possibly be fully effective in protecting the client.

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